Carbon Colossal – The Disassembly of Earth

Boy, I really spoke too soon when I said I don’t listen to too much death metal.

Carbon Colossal is a California based extreme metal project. The reason I leave the genre as vague as “extreme metal” is because you really get a little bit of everything with this band. There’s certainly a technical death metal aspect to them. This short EP has plenty of machine gun riffing that will make your head spin but they’re not so much the typical Necrophagist or Suffocation clone. They’re more in the line of Gorguts or even Deathspell Omega. The band describes themselves as a “project of passion and honesty” and I think that is an accurate description. Beyond the death metal, there’s also a good amount of black metal and doom metal moments, which I think is what adds the emotion to this EP.

The opening track, “Ignition”, kicks things off with a foreboding blackened-doom chug fest that transitions into what could easily be a 1349 track but then concludes with a sludgy, grimy coda. “Ascension” achieves what I like to call the “locust effect” where there’s just so many layers of dense, distorted, and dissonant guitars that you brain just hears one swarm of sounds not unlike approaching insects. There’s an interesting moment on this track where the fury stops and there’s a very short clean guitar interlude. It’s almost as if this horrifying monster takes a breath to gather itself before you continuing the nightmare. You think you’re off the hook for a minute, but nope.

The last track “Culmination” has a slow, doomy build before rapidly shifting tones into a the most furious moment on the EP. The chaos finally focuses into a great death metal riff at around the 4 min mark and the song starts spiraling into an emotional finale. The vocalist shows off his most impressive screams at this moment as the music pounds forward. Finally, the clean guitars come back to trick you into tranquility but, of course, the monster awakens and we get one last tornado-ass, blast-beat section.

This album is a promising debut and I can’t wait to see what a full length will be like.

PS: The album cover is sick too.


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