Ask not what metal can do for you

I wanted to get back in the habit of writing here with a long post that includes some ranting and some promo of some bands I think are very deserving of more attention. I hope you’ll indulge me in both:

I won’t mention their names here, but I decided to listen to a metal podcast this weekend. Within the first five minutes of the most recent episode, the hosts were complaining about the “tampon-fuck-boys” marching across the nation in protest of President Trump. I listened to this podcast right after reading Doug Moore’s amazing monthy metal write up on Stereogum, where he talks about where metal fits into the seemingly hopeless impending doom that has come over many people in the last months. It was quite an emotional read for me and gave me a lot of focus and relief.

I don’t understand why two people, like these podcasters, who have been steeped in anti-conformity and trained since their teen years (by the very music they’ve dedicated a podcast to) to disobey authority, rebel against societal norms, and detest corrupt government, would ever be telling people to STOP PROTESTING. Why are there any metalheads who respond to a nationwide protest against a rising authoritarian with the same tired, macho, “grow-up, SJWs”. Don’t they understand that all that 80s thrash and crossover has trained us for this exact moment?! All those hilarious album covers, they mean something! All those cliches we grew up about the government brainwashing you or nuclear wars or conspiracy theories, THIS IS THAT! How could someone abandon what they’ve been taught their whole life?

I mean, what if, for example, a bunch of hypothetical people under some over-arching set of tenets, like a religion, let’s say, indoctrinated their kids since infancy with some basic human things like, I don’t know, let me just think of something off the top of my head: love thy neighbor, always help others, turn the other cheek, don’t be selfish, don’t kill people, etc. Let’s even go as far as to say that the main figure on that religion had an origin story about love, acceptance, and some sort of refugee-type situation. And then, a whole nation of THAT RELIGIOUS GROUP, all lived in the same country for 200 years, for many generations, and insisted that the country was founded on said tenets: a nation of foreigners, immigrants, etc. Then in a national crisis where some person, clearly NOT in that religious tribe, someone notoriously inauthentic, a perfect caricature of greed, inequality, and stupidity, ordered all the refugees out of the country. It would be completely outlandish for that group of people to suddenly be silent on the matter, right? RIGHT?! IT WOULD BE TOTALLY INSANE TO IGNORE THE SET OF TENETS YOUR ENTIRE PEOPLE-GROUP HAS IDENTIFIED WITH FOR GENERATIONS SIMPLY FOR THE SAKE OF A SINGLE MAN’S UNCONVICING CHARISMA? RIGHT???!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!? THAT WOULD JUST BE CRAZY JUST LIKE METALHEADS TELLING PROTESTERS TO SHUT UP HUH YEAH WOW

Anyway: Tomb Mold is good.

I love this album because of how disgusting it sounds. It’s effectiveness is 50% great guitar work and the most brutal vocals you’ve heard this year and 50% production. I love the way the guitar sounds so jangley and clear while still dark and bassy. Death metal can be so paint-by-the-numbers these days, so a little deviation from the norm really goes a long way. Tomb Mold has carved out its own vile, revolting, and unique sound on this album. I can’t get enough.

I feel like the hype for this album came and went pretty quickly. I really like it so I’m going to plug it here again. But, again, nobody reads, so who cares? Dumal crafts some worthy black metal that yearns and longs with beautiful melodies and sombre nihilism. There’s also some haunting ambient-esque tracks intros and outros. Definitely worth your time.


I was going to write a full review about this album but I think I just mention it here. Curse of Denial plays super amazing old school death metal that, like Dumal, perfectly combines melody and brutality. There’s some great soloing on this record and some very unique vocal choices including your typical screams and growls with some spoken word as well. I suggest you check this album and anything else on Redefining Darkness Records as they have really been putting on the quality death metal lately.





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