Hate Unbound – Plague

We live in a wonderful era of metal where any variation one could want is out there somewhere. Ambient Progressive Blackgaze? Jazz Slam Deathcore? Speed Doom? We got it. With all the fancy variants, it can be easy to desire something straight forward.

Hate Unbound is a death/thrash band from Detroit. They deliver some tight, fist pounding modern thrash metal. I was fortunate enough to get to hear their new album, Plague, in its entirety before it drops in February so I’m here to tell you to pick it up. The band lists Lamb of God and Death as some of their main influences. The Lamb of God influence is easy to hear right away as vocalist Art Giammara could easily replace Randy Blythe tomorrow. Guitarists, Daryl Mitchell and William Cundiff, drive the band forward with their outstanding riffing and shredding especially on tracks like “Suffering” which sounds like Chuck Schuldiner co-wrote a song with Gojira. The rhythm section keeps things modern sounding with a tight kit and plenty of shifts in groove and emphasis that keep your head bobbing the whole album.


The recent thrash revival has given us lots of great bands but many of them borrow mostly from the 80s sound. Hate Unbound is different. They sounds like the natural progression of thrash in the late 90s and 00s. Think Legion of The Damned, Dew Scented, and Hatesphere. This is a style that doesn’t get glorified too much these days. They aren’t afraid of downtuning, using tight, clean production, and adding some groove and melody to their thrash. What we end up with is an album that really encompasses a lot of the basic virtues of metal:  driving, aggressive playing, grooves, great riffs, and, of course, screaming.

Their new album, “Plague”, drops February 17 via Inverse Records. You can preview the first track, “Baptised in Lies” it on their bandcamp: